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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Protect your employees—and your business— in the event of injury or illness with workers’ compensation insurance from EBP. If an employee is injured while on the job, or becomes sick due to an occupational disease, workers’ compensation insurance covers a portion of the employee’s wages, as well as their medical expenses, and protects you from potentially damaging legal action.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Many situations may arise wherein your employees would benefit from workers’ compensation. For example:

  • An employee throws out his back lifting boxes in the warehouse
  • An employee slips and falls on ice while entering the building, dislocating her shoulder
  • A worker contracts mesothelioma clearing out asbestos from an old building

Workers’ compensation insurance ensures that these employees get the treatment they need, receive the wages they deserve, and are not responsible for accidents that happen while at work. In the event of workplace-related death, you may be required to pay out benefits to beneficiaries, as well.

Does My Business Need Workers’ Compensation?

Though the requirements vary across the U.S., workers’ compensation is required by law in almost every state. The workers’ compensation experts at EBP can help you navigate the requirements in Kansas and Missouri, and help you find the coverage you need.

Partner with EBP

Accidents happen. Workers’ compensation insurance establishes trust between you and your employees, guaranteeing that, should the unforeseeable happen while at work, they’ll be protected. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with the most trusted providers in the industry, you, too, can rest assured that every facet of your business is protected from things you simply can’t control. Get the coverage you and your employees need with workers’ compensation insurance from EBP. Contact EBP to get started today!

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