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EBP Group Health Benefits Evaluation

Your employees deserve the best coverage available. Employee Benefit Professionals is a leader in designing quality benefits packages that address the needs of your business and employees. Through a strategic group health benefits evaluation, we’ll help you find the group health plan that meets your needs.


The Group Health Benefits Evaluation Process

Developing a group health plan consists of developing a dynamic partnership between your business and our dedicated associates. Through our group health plan evaluation, we’ll learn about your business goals, your aspirations, company culture and what you hope to obtain with your benefits plan.

Our process for identifying the best plan for your business involves the following steps:

  1. Assessing your needs
  2. Evaluating the plans and carrier options available
  3. Selecting and implementing your plan of choice
  4. Providing service when you need it most

EBP serves as an extension of your HR department to help you lay out what is most important to you and your employees, and then analyzing the many options that are available on the market. We also take your budgetary limitations into careful consideration when designing your group health plan.

Selecting Your Plan

Your business is made up of talented individuals who give your company an edge over the competition. By offering a competitive benefits package, you can retain your most quality employees and attract even more to your organization. Let a group health benefits evaluation from EBP help you develop a quality group health plan for your business.

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