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Dental and Vision Insurance for Businesses

Not only is dental and vision coverage an effective way to enhance your core benefits plan—it’s a means of attracting and retaining quality employees for the good of your business.  Comprehensive health insurance that includes dental and vision insurance makes you a more attractive employer and results in happier, healthier employees.


Dental and Vision Insurance: A Worthwhile Investment

Dental and vision care have long been overlooked in regards to comprehensive healthcare coverage. However, dental and vision are just as essential to an individual’s health and well-being as any other medical care. A lack of suitable dental and vision insurance doesn’t just affect your employees—it can negatively impact your bottom line, as well.

It’s estimated that businesses lose 164 million work hours annually due to dental disease.* Similarly, vision problems costs American business owners over $8 billion each year in lost productivity and medical expenses.** Investing in dental and vision insurance for your employees is a worthwhile investment in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce, retaining quality employees and keeping operational expenses low in the long term.

Our Dental & Vision Plan Options

EBP offers affordable vision and dental plans for individuals and groups of all sizes. We represent a number of quality, reputable dental and vision carriers to find a plan that is right for you. Give your personnel the in-depth coverage they deserve with dental and vision insurance from EBP.

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**Scheetz, Michael. “5 Vision Benefit Facts Employees Need.” Ameritas Group, December 2014

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